Integrative Health Care

At Michiana Wellness & Longevity Clinic in Mishawaka, IN, we are committed to providing our clients with quality services needs for all their health concerns. Whether you have headaches, neck pain, back pain, or muscular tension, we are here to make the stress fade away.


Integrated Health Care

This is also known as interprofessional health care, and includes a high degree of communication and collaboration among health professionals for patient care. Integrated health care is unique, since there is the transfer of information related to patient care among the team members to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will look into patients' psychological, biological, and social needs. 

Our health and wellness center offers integrated care by joining substance abuse, mental health, and primary health care. All these are combined to curate an efficient approach towards better health care. 

Patient-Centered Health Care

Typically, integrated health care is a care system that looks to attend to patient issues in a team-based manner. Our family practice will coordinate an approach to ensure that your chronic conditions get the right solutions. Our system supports patients through a multi-faceted approach whereby they have access to diverse resources in the entire health care community, from substance abuse issues to diabetes. 

What Is Integrative Care?

Integrative health care is quite different from integrated health care. Research has indicated that integrative health care is almost similar to holistic care. It brings spiritual, mental, social, community, functional, and emotional considerations into the patient's treatment plan. There are continuous efforts to study the integrative health care benefits, and it is regarded as complementary health care rather than an integrated part of the treatment. 

Effects of Integrated Health Care

The effects of this health care system benefit many people, including health care professionals and caregivers. Studies have proved that this health care approach has led to reduced depression symptoms in health care workers and patients. Programs that incorporate mental health providers, such as psychiatrists, in primary care improve patient-centered care and access to essential treatment services. 

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